The words, Tae, Kwon, and Do can be literally translated to Kicking with Foot, Striking with Fist, and Way respectively. However, it is the inner meaning of the combined words that defines what Taekwondo truly is.

It is a life-long journey of attaining indomitable spirit through physical and mental exercises. The mental picture of the sentence above is that one is on a path at the present moment making various statements through one's physical movements to rise above the past, cultivate one's mindset for the future, and prepare oneself with serenity for both success and failure in life.

In other words, Taekwondo forms, sparring, breaking, breathing control, mental visualization exercise, and other important training curriculums are simply a means to attaining indomitable spirit. Taekwondoists may bow down and kneel a hundred times, but they will never give up improving themselves and their spirits will not cease to exist by any worldly means.

In advanced Taekwondo training, the indomitable spirit can be viewed as a renewed spirit attained through physical and mental exercises simultaneously.  When the enlightened views on "self" are attained through the advanced training, the renewed spirit will be less likely influenced by any ill-posed ideas or conditions.  Hence, the renewed spirit becomes indomitable in the end.  The beginning of enlightenment truly starts within. Note that the advance section describes a general practice of the spiritual unity of body and mind.

Founding Taekwondoists had to first deal with many different schools of thoughts and philosophies. Fortunately they were able to find unity in diversity by projecting a single vision "Our Taekwondo." Second, they established a tangible baseline from old tradition to strengthen its future. Third, they relentlessly worked toward achieving the goal of "Benefiting All Mankind" as action philosophers.

In other words, true Taekwondoists are action philosophers who practically carry out the detailed plans to turn the ideas into reality.

There are countless Taekowndo practitioners around the globe who are affiliated with ITF, WTF, ATA, or other unions. Regardless of their affiliations and origins, they are simply Taekwondoists. From the humble beginning as in planting a small tree in stormy weather, Taekwondoists grew strong to form a great forest that has a thousand giant trees having their roots tied together underneath the ground.

In summary, Taekwondoists strive to attain indomitable spirit so that they may benefit all mankind.



Color Belt

  1. Taegeuk 1 - Origin of All Things
  2. Taegeuk 2 - Inner Fortitude and Outer Gentleness
  3. Taegeuk 3 - Heart of Fire
  4. Taegeuk 4 - Dignity of Thunder
  5. Taegeuk 5 - Pride of Wind
  6. Taegeuk 6 - Endless Flexibility of Water
  7. Taegeuk 7 - Fortitude of Mountain
  8. Taegeuk 8 - The End and New Beginning

Black Belt

  1. Koryo - Spirit of Scholar Warrior
  2. Keumgang - Quality of Iron Mountain
  3. Taebaek - Holy Mountain of All Mankind
  4. Pyongwon - Peace in Great Land
  5. Sipjin - Prosperity in Faith, Hope, and Love
  6. Jitae - All Human Endeavor on Earth
  7. Cheonkwon - Unlimited Power of Heaven
  8. Hansu - Great Water (Origin of Life)
  9. Ilyeo - Spiritual Unity of Body and Mind


Note that there could be several different ways to translate the meanings of these forms.